HYPERICE #knee (at Fickes World Headquarters)

Seventeen years later and you’re still making me a better person. Happy 17th Jenn (at Fickes World Headquarters)

Dave Tuck in the house #camtest (at Arvada Skate Park)

Just met Bryce Kanights #SickBoys (at Arvada Skate Park)

Skateboarding over the door at Arvada from Eric Fickes on Vimeo.

Arvada’s skatepark has a vert wall with a doorway. I finally decided to skate the door.

Brad McClain wins Skateboard Park bronze XGames Barcelona 2013


The new Lakeland FLA skatepark built by TEAM PAIN.

Just got my art hookup package from @odio_one ( thanks Sean! It’s sick ) (at Fickes World Headquarters)

PROCESSING Build System for Sublime

( osx )

  "shell": true,
  "cmd": ["killall -v java  ; processing-java  --sketch=$file_path --output=$file_path/build --force --build --run "]


( windows )

    "path": "$file_path//temp",
			"C://Program Files//processing-2.0b8//processing-java.exe",


  1. Install OSX or Windows, Processing, then Sublime Text 2
  2. Open Sublime Text 2
  3. Tools > Build System > New Build System
  4. Copy and paste the above text into your new untitled.sublime-build
  5. Save your build file
  6. Tools > Build System > Select your new system from the list to activate
  7. Open a Processing pde file and hit Cmd+B ( or Ctrl+B )
  8. Rejoice

Vans at Pool Party 2013 | Pros Highlights Video