Final13FootFooty from Eric Fickes on Vimeo.

Testing out my ReplayXD camera mounted on top of my skateboard over the back truck. Skating the ARVADA Skatepark built by Team Pain.

This was my final line before breaking the camera mount out of it’s socket.

This is my first time listening to Lady Galaga. And ONLY because Rick Rubin touched this album.

You know, Rick “MIDAS TOUCH” Rubin?

(Source: Spotify)

Learn It.  Know it.  Live it.

iphone snowgrinder angle1 full from Eric Fickes on Vimeo.

Getting my daily grind at Arvada skatepark. Teamp Pain makes them and then I grind them.

iphone footy daily grind at arvada skatepark

frontside snow grinder iphone arvada from Eric Fickes on Vimeo.

iphone footage getting my daily grind at Arvada skatepark. #TeamPain #Gnar

I worked at beatport back in the day

If you didn’t skate the original Hanger bowl, come out to Arvada CO and skate the new one with me

Uncle T.

I saw this and thought my Uncle Tony shared it with me. So funkyyyyyyyyy….

I want to party with Dave Matthews


raddest song you’ll hear all day

(Source: Spotify)


(Source: Spotify)