frontside snow grinder iphone arvada from Eric Fickes on Vimeo.

iphone footage getting my daily grind at Arvada skatepark. #TeamPain #Gnar

I worked at beatport back in the day

If you didn’t skate the original Hanger bowl, come out to Arvada CO and skate the new one with me

Uncle T.

I saw this and thought my Uncle Tony shared it with me. So funkyyyyyyyyy….

I want to party with Dave Matthews


raddest song you’ll hear all day

(Source: Spotify)


(Source: Spotify)

Google Docs keyboard shortcuts

Ctrl + Alt + ?

Trippy webcam with facial detection from Eric Fickes on Vimeo.

Video of a triply facial detection webcam application I’m building using Processing and OpenCV. This particular video has been sped up 200% because the sketch draws in the picture kind of slow ( a la time lapsed )

Fletch from Eric Fickes on Vimeo.

processing, fletch, eric, sword fighting, webcam, facial detection, arts and stuff

Processing, OpenCV facial detection, webcam, in the office, working 9 to 5, arts

Facial Detection webcam software with red fire magic from Eric Fickes on Vimeo.

Processing, OpenCV, working for the weekend, letting my computer make the arts while I work on other things